ImageQuest Premier IT and CyberSecurity Experts

IT Security is What We Do

At ImageQuest, managing your IT and CyberSecurity is what we do. Supporting your IT Lifecycle and enhancing your CyberSecurity posture drives our business. Your organization’s IT infrastructure, compliance, and CyberSecurity are our only priorities. We are a team of highly dedicated IT and CyberSecurity specialists, supported by strategic technology partners, who are laser focused on delivering unmatched managed IT services, IT compliance, and CyberSecurity.

Dynamic technology entrepreneur Milton Bartley co-founded ImageQuest in 2007, and it quickly became one of Nashville’s fastest-growing technology companies. ImageQuest delivers managed IT and managed IT compliance services to service-oriented, regulated businesses in the Nashville and Louisville markets that have a compliance or regulatory oversight component to their business. ImageQuest supports their service delivery with a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk, operated by certified IT and security professionals.


Our highly skilled teams of engineers, technicians, and support staff have years of experience in a wide range of industries.

Our IT solutions for businesses include:

Managed IT Services
Trying to maintain and support your IT infrastructure in-house? Cut your IT costs and hassles with our managed IT services. Our solutions free you up to concentrate on your most important business objectives – getting leads, closing sales, improving customer relationships and increasing revenue.

IT CyberSecurity and Compliance
Cyber threats are more prevalent and complex than ever before. We will help you address the potential network security risks threatening your organization.