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Earn Rewards with the ImageQuest Referral Program

ImageQuest knows referrals are an essential part of creating and building business relationships. Great leads can come from anyone at any time. So, we’ve created a referral program for leads that result in meetings-and leads that result in contracts.

Suppose you’re happy with the services you’ve received from ImageQuest (or you’re not a client, but you’ve heard good things). In that case, you can benefit while helping others partner with an exceptional Managed IT or Managed IT Compliance and Security vendor.

Referral Program Reward Scenarios

If you have been extremely satisfied with ImageQuest’s service, you might wonder whom you can refer to get your rewards.

The answer is any company in a professional industry with at least 20 computers or anyone with a regulatory compliance component in their organization.

After you decide whom to refer, you might wonder what rewards you’ll receive when a deal closes. Have a look at your earning potential in two different scenarios:

  • You refer a company that hires us for $20,000 a month. Your monthly invoice is $5,000. You would earn a free month from ImageQuest.
  • You refer a company that hires us for $5,000 a month. Your monthly invoice is $20,000. You would earn a $5,000 one-month discount from ImageQuest.

How to Make a Submission to the ImageQuest Referral Program

Call Milton Bartley or Jay Mallory at 888-664-1643, or fill out the contact form.

How the Referral Program Works

If you’re an ImageQuest client and you refer us to another company that signs a deal, we’ll give you a free month’s invoice-up to the amount of the newly closed deal or your total monthly amount.

You can still earn money with a referral if you’re NOT a client! We will pay you or your favorite charity $500 once the deal closes.

  • Either situation must result in a closed deal within six months of the referral.
  • You must contact us to begin the referral process to participate in this program.