Is your technology helping you survive the pandemic?

Amid a pandemic causing great uncertainty, businesses seek ways to cope with unexpected lockdowns and customer fears. One quality all organizations need now – and for the long-term – is resilience. Right now, many business owners are assessing their financial...

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New IT Support professionals join ImageQuest

We recently welcomed four new hires to the ImageQuest team. Some of them have been with us for a few months but the coronavirus kept us from getting their snappy new photos. Now that we've taken care of that, read on to meet them! Jason Zumbro came to us from our...

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Enhance Data Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

As cases of pandemic-related phishing attacks, brute force attacks, ransomware, and credential stuffing increase, the greater the chances of your organization’s networks and data being compromised. One of the easiest - but often neglected - ways to reduce your...

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Improve Your Tech IQ: Never store passwords in your browser

These days, any browser worth its salt boasts of its security measures. It may even force you to see all the security improvements first after an update before you move on to your regularly planned Web surfing. Yet, at the same time, they ask you, over and over, if...

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Remote work – and the rise of robots?

While many of us have been busy thinking about VPNs, collaboration tools, and the right lighting for all our Zoom and GoToMeeting events, others have been thinking about … robots. The New York Times recently wrote about a salesman selling robotic vacuums (the Whiz.)...

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ImageQuest discusses VPN vs. DaaS in KY Banker Magazine

In the latest edition of Kentucky Banker Magazine (Spring 2020), we discussed the problems a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can present when an entire office works from home. There are drawbacks related to ensuring and documenting compliance, bandwidth bottlenecks, and...

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Multi-factor Authentication: Time to implement it

With the surge in pandemic-related phishing attacks, ransomware, and business email compromise, you must ensure your email and networks are protected. One of the easiest steps you can take to reduce your exposure is to require multi-factor authentication on all...

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The Big Pivot: Reviewing our space needs post pandemic

Is your organization going through The Big Pivot? That’s what we’ve been calling this new era of employees working from home due to COVID-19. Now restrictions are lifting. We’re wondering: Who else is reassessing their 2020 plans in terms of staffing and square...

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