Mozilla: “Like Us on Facebook” buttons aid tracking

Ever wondered exactly how Facebook tracks you around the Web? The Mozilla Foundation has at least one answer: the buttons on websites that encourage users to find, like, or follow the organization on Facebook. Mozilla, the Firefox web browser maker, says those buttons...

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Pen Testing work for state gets men arrested by sheriff

Dark Reading has a story about a couple of “pen testers” arrested in Iowa for doing their job last year. Pen is short for penetration, and pen testing is an element of cyber security. An organization hires an outside third party to test network defenses to determine...

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Meet an FBI Cybercriminal: Richard Uzuh

According to the FBI, Richard Izuchukwu Uzuh, 34, of Nigeria, is one of eight men accused of defrauding more than 70 companies of funds through impersonation and romance schemes. Also known as business email compromise, the scams defrauded individuals and companies,...

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Improve Your Tech IQ: Version History

We’ve all been there: Multiple hours of work on a spreadsheet, a document or slide presentation – and your work disappears. Pffft! Is all that work gone? Well on M365 (formerly known as Microsoft’s Office 365/O365), the Cloud steps in and saves your bacon. Before you...

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We asked our team about themselves. It was worth it.

On one of our daily check-in calls, a colleague asked each of us to share something the rest likely didn't know about them. The answers were fascinating. One colleague is working in his spare time on a skateboard documentary. One colleague loves to sing – and often...

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