#WFH is #NBD for Williamson College and its students

The current academic term at Williamson College is on track. Students are on schedule taking classes. The administration continues to meet, work on projects, and generally run the college. Very little has changed – except no one is at the school’s Franklin or Smyrna,...

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It’s business as usual for System Administrator Josh Quigley

March has certainly been an interesting month in Nashville this year. First our community had a tornado strike in the middle of the night, and now, coronavirus. Just like other businesses, we had some projects underway. We were working on clients’ server upgrades,...

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U.S. agency warns of cyber attacks against remote workers

Make sure your employees working from home use an up-to-date Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect to the office. Require your workforce to use an authentication app, such as Duo, Authy, or even Microsoft or Google. And make sure they're on alert for phishing...

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