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What Is Vulnerability Management?

Many organizations rely on a vulnerability scan, or they might even be regulated or audited in such a way that they’re asked to do regular vulnerability scans. Their regular scan might be quarterly, annually, or—if you’re really ambitious—they might be monthly. But none of that is really vulnerability management. So, What Is Vulnerability Management? Vulnerability … Continue reading "What Is Vulnerability Management?"
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The Vital Importance of Your Board’s Grasp of Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Are you struggling to convey a need for a cybersecurity initiative to your board? Do your directors express concerns that they don’t grasp all this cyber hoopla? If you’re like many banks and institutions, the answers to these questions are a yes, and you may face problems in your next examination over cyber risk management. … Continue reading "The Vital Importance of Your Board’s Grasp of Cybersecurity Infrastructure"
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Could My Organization Move to the Cloud?

“Can an organization move to the cloud?” is a question that gets asked a lot. The simple answer is probably? Maybe? I don’t know? But the honest answer is we have to do some investigation to find out. The Cloud allows businesses to access a larger, more talented pool of potential employees through remote work. … Continue reading "Could My Organization Move to the Cloud?"
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Why ImageQuest Is a Great IT Partner for Community Banks

ImageQuest is a fantastic IT partner to work with your community bank because we understand your business. We have bankers on our team. We have former CFOs and COOs of community banks who are a part of our team. We understand what your technology is, how you operate, your labor pool, and how you think—and … Continue reading "Why ImageQuest Is a Great IT Partner for Community Banks"
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Do you have the Right IT Partner

7 Ways to Tell if You Have the Right IT Partner

By Jay Mallory, Executive Vice President, ImageQuest Have you ever dreamed of – but not experienced – a business relationship in which a vendor helps your organization take the right steps to grow? You may be seeking a partner relationship with an entity that is really a supplier. A supplier sells you a product or … Continue reading "7 Ways to Tell if You Have the Right IT Partner"
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Is Using VPN Dead?

A lot of people ask me, “Is VPN still a viable technology? Or is using VPN dead?” And I will tell you that VPNs are not dead, but the way you probably use VPNs is probably obsolete. VPN has been replaced with a lot of new technologies, one of which is what we call Zero … Continue reading "Is Using VPN Dead?"
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5 Risk Management Points Examiners Want to See in 2024

Community banks, often at the heart of local economies, are at a crucial juncture. Their approach to risk management, particularly in cybersecurity and operational resilience, could determine their future success or vulnerability. Whether your regulator is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Department of Financial … Continue reading "5 Risk Management Points Examiners Want to See in 2024"
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Why End User Security Training Is So Important

Whether you are a non-profit, insurance company, healthcare organization, or other type of company, you know that cybersecurity is of utmost importance. And while you may have firewalls, network monitoring, and multi-factor authentication in place, are you protecting yourself from your weakest links—your employees? The largest threat surface in almost every organization today is people. … Continue reading "Why End User Security Training Is So Important"
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Why You Need a Password Management Program

Password management is what I would call table stakes or the cost of doing business. Five years ago, I would have stood here and told you that password managers are pretty important, and you should really think about getting one. But in 2024 and beyond, I’m telling you that you must have a password manager. … Continue reading "Why You Need a Password Management Program"
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What Is a vCISO?

Many people wonder, “What is a vCISO?” A virtual chief information (security) officer, or vCISO, can be a critical piece of your cybersecurity strategy. Many organizations today realize that they need a senior leader at the cybersecurity level, but they either can’t afford to have a full-time employee on their team to fill that role, … Continue reading "What Is a vCISO?"
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How IT Outsourcing Helps Your Internal IT Team

A question I often get is, “Why would I consider outsourcing IT when I have a robust internal IT team?” There are a couple of answers here, and I’ll give you two of them to explain why IT outsourcing is a good idea. 1. Application and User Support Are Often Neglected One answer is that … Continue reading "How IT Outsourcing Helps Your Internal IT Team"
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Why ImageQuest Is SOC 2 Certified

I get asked this question a lot: “Why did ImageQuest get a SOC 2 certification, and why would I as a customer care? The simple answer is this: you can take us at our word as service providers that we’re doing these things, we have the proper security controls in place, and we have the … Continue reading "Why ImageQuest Is SOC 2 Certified"
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