A customer shares his happiness with ImageQuest’s work

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Recently, we helped Chariot Logistics, a Nashville third-party logistics provider, migrate its IT to Desktop-as-a-Service. Chariot uses technology extensively as one of its services to its customers.

When the project was completed, we received the following note from Brad Perling, Chariot Logistics’ Senior Vice President. It’s addressed to Stephen Bratcher, our Senior Systems Administrator, and Matt Moses, our Project Manager, but reflects on the work of all our Support Team.

Stephen and Matt –

Awesome job! Just wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone for making last Friday run smooth. Also to Mark for being at our office on Monday at 7 am and staying till the job got done, I am not sure if he even ate lunch… We appreciate the partnership and know you all work very hard behind the scene to make sure Chariot’s IT is running smoothly for us.

Thanks again and have a great Friday.


Thank you Brad and Chariot for the wonderful note! We appreciate the partnership with you, too!

If you’re not having this experience with your IT provider, maybe you should talk with us!

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