Affordable Managed IT Service Offered by ImageQuest

Managed IT ServicesA solid technology infrastructure is the backbone of any company. However, hiring the right IT people is a complicated, time-consuming, and costly endeavor. ImageQuest helps companies take the guesswork out of their information security by offering an affordable alternative to on-site IT. The company’s managed IT service provides strategic guidance in all areas of information technology, including IT compliance, infrastructure, and security.


vCISO is ImageQuest’s solution for companies that require C-level experience but don’t have the budget for a dedicated IT team. vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) provides access to industry expertise and a comprehensive IT compliance service, which is essential for businesses in the education, law, healthcare, and financial services sectors.

As part of the ImageQuest’s vCISO service, clients receive one-on-one counseling on best IT practices and procedures. Founder Milton Bartley, a member of the Forbes Technology Council, oversees the vCISO service, which assists ImageQuest’s clients with IT compliance

vCISO is a scalable service that may be especially beneficial to businesses subject to strict federal regulations. ImageQuest’s team receives constant training and remains up-to-date on regulations set forth by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council and other governing agencies.

Managed IT service

In today’s world, information technology is crucial at all levels. A business without a reliable IT infrastructure, including software, hardware, and troubleshooting support, will not be able to remain competitive for long. Even companies with an IT staff can get value out of managed IT service, which includes:

  • Software and hardware. When businesses encounter computer freezes, crashes, and other productivity problems, that can be a sign the computer and networking equipment is beyond its useful life. ImageQuest does a thorough evaluation of each client’s unique needs. The needed equipment is then delivered, installed, and explained in ways that make users comfortable.
  • System backup. If technology is the backbone of a company, the information contained within its systems is its lifeblood. As part of ImageQuest’s Managed IT service, both on and off-site system backup is provided. Each record is secured in a way that ensures compliance with each business’s regulatory agency standards.
  • IT help desk. One of the most frustrating aspects of technology is that user issues can arise without warning, even within well-managed systems. Managed IT service through ImageQuest includes expert troubleshooting with a live Help Desk expert. This means technology problems are solved quickly and are handled by a local technician who understands the client’s system – and that a rapid return to work is imperative.
  • Network management. Network management is essentially the process of ensuring that a company’s servers, computers, and other technology communicate and perform at peak. This network must be secured and reliable. ImageQuest serves as a network administrator and can help a company determine an appropriate network configuration to accommodate their needs at every stage of growth.
  • Online security. No managed IT service would be complete without advanced security features to block malware, spyware, and other invasive programs. Each client’s security needs are continually evaluated, and procedures are put into place to stop security threats, such as data breaches and ransomware, before they become a problem.

Comprehensive IT security

ImageQuest goes several steps beyond standard online security protocols with its IT security services lineup of options. This includes Risk Assessment, Managed Detection, and Response (MDR), Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM), Penetration Testing (or Pen Test), Technology Disaster Recovery Planning, and employee security training. For those facing  IT Compliance audits, vendor security reviews are also available.

ImageQuest is more than an information technology company, it is an IT partner that can help businesses both large and small operate more efficiently and within the tight regulations required by their industry. For more comprehensive information on the above services and more, contact ImageQuest at 888.979.2679.

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