Are your vendors careful with your business and client information?

Vendor Management, ImageQuest

Do you know how strong your third-party vendors’ IT Security is? Do you know if they take security seriously?

Vendors who can log in to your systems to handle business operations on your behalf – or who simply log in for other reasons – could be a gateway for criminals to hack your data.

Key vendors with security problems also could shut you down when they go down. If they handle mission-critical services and get ransomware, your business could be impacted too.

It may not be in your wheelhouse to assess your vendors’ security – but it’s in ours. Check out our September newsletter for more information – or download our latest White Paper on Vendor Management.

If you are concerned about a vendor’s practices – or worry that you don’t know enough – contact us today to schedule an initial discussion on how to address this issue.

And if you are a vendor – contact us too to see if your security posture is where it should be – before the big client categorizes you as a business risk!

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