Milton Bartley, Ransomware Inc., Shareholder Meeting, ImageQuest

Bartley delivers ‘Ransomware Inc. 2019 Shareholders Meeting’ in Louisville

Attendees at the May 30 Data Connectors conference in Louisville heard the 2019 update of our CEO’s “Ransomware, Inc., Shareholders Meeting.”

In it, ImageQuest CEO Milton Bartley, pretending to be the head of a global criminal hacking enterprise, explained how the fictitious firm was enjoying tremendous growth in revenues and “customer acquisition.”

Bartley’s lively presentation also walked “shareholders” – i.e. the audience –  through “threats” to the growing enterprise – such as employee training to prevent successful phishing attacks, and two-factor authentication.

Attendees learned how ransomware started, and how it has evolved with “Ransomware-as-a-Service” licensing, copycats and continuous “improvement” to the original malware coding.

If you would like to learn more about this presentation – including having your organization host a presentation – contact Milton here.

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