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Building Business and Organizational Resilience

Amidst growing economic uncertainty, businesses are looking for ways to stay operational and allay customer fears. Resilience is crucial for organizations to survive during these challenging times.

Many enterprises are ensuring their financial resilience by holding on to their money and cutting down on costs due to fears of the unknown. According to an article in Harvard Business Review, fear narrows one’s field of vision, and it becomes harder to see the bigger picture and the positive, creative possibilities available.

Resilience, however, goes beyond liquidity. It is the overall capacity of an organization to plan for and adapt to change in the event of disruptions. It is the ability to look ahead to when the turmoil ends.

What a resilient business looks like

A huge part of business resilience is dependent on how an organization views technology. Resilient businesses:

  • Embrace innovations with due diligence, finding the right balance between the risks of slow adoption and the risks of experimenting with systems and infrastructure that could potentially fail.
  • Are aware that hyperconnectivity, and the exponential growth of data, make their operations prone to cybersecurity threats.
  • There must be up-to-date security measures in place.
  • Realize that the complexities of current technologies – mobility, the Internet of Things, cloud services, big data, and virtualization to name a few – require unprecedented levels of automation, integration, real-time monitoring, and management.

Best practices for building business resilience

Companies can restructure their organization for resilience by:

  • Identifying technologies that will help make the business disruption-proof.
  • Developing the appropriate metrics to evaluate the performance of these technologies.
  • Making decisions based on reliable, independent data.
  • Having protocols in place to ensure data security.
  • Regularly reviewing and testing business continuity plans.
  • Helping employees adapt to disruptions. A resilient workforce is the heart and soul of a resilient business, after all.

ImageQuest, a managed IT services provider in Nashville, Tennessee, can help you build a robust resiliency strategy, which includes the cloud services provision, cybersecurity assessment, vendor review, and 24/7 network monitoring and response.

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