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Do you have the Right IT Partner

7 Ways to Tell if You Have the Right IT Partner

By Jay Mallory, Executive Vice President, ImageQuest Have you ever dreamed of – but not experienced – a business relationship in which a vendor helps your organization take the right steps to grow? You may be seeking a partner relationship with an entity that is really a supplier. A supplier sells you a product or … Continue reading "7 Ways to Tell if You Have the Right IT Partner"
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A magnifying glass on a stack of papers next to a calculator.

5 Risk Management Points Examiners Want to See in 2024

Community banks, often at the heart of local economies, are at a crucial juncture. Their approach to risk management, particularly in cybersecurity and operational resilience, could determine their future success or vulnerability. Whether your regulator is the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Department of Financial … Continue reading "5 Risk Management Points Examiners Want to See in 2024"
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How do we create a Cybersecurity Program?

Does the thought of creating a Cybersecurity Program for your bank seem overwhelming? Are you having trouble building a viable, documented program? A Cybersecurity Program should be part of your bank’s Risk Management efforts – as well as a critical element of your board’s fiduciary responsibilities.  A Cybersecurity Program should: Be Right-Sized for your Bank. … Continue reading "How do we create a Cybersecurity Program?"
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Non-profit client thanks ImageQuest for support

Recently our CEO received an unsolicited letter from a non-profit we support. The New Beginnings Center- Nashville works with women who traditionally struggle to stay fit and provide healthy meals to their families, such as low-income moms living in food “deserts.” New Beginnings provides these women with individualized personal training, nutritional guidance, and mental health … Continue reading "Non-profit client thanks ImageQuest for support"
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Why hire a Banking Operations Advisor?

The banking world is full of rapid change. From innovations in banking technologies to changing and increasing regulatory requirements, it can be difficult for a community bank team to keep pace. Needs arise that must be met – but your team lacks the time and focus to carry out more extensive projects. Or your bank … Continue reading "Why hire a Banking Operations Advisor?"
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ImageQuest’s Shutt and Ramsay attend KnowBe4 conference

ImageQuest’s Sammi Jo Shutt and Tracy Ramsay increased their expertise in security training, ongoing phishing tests, and other security training strategies by attending the annual KnowBe4 security education conference. Sammi Jo, ImageQuest’s Lead Information Security Advisor, and Tracy, who is also an Information Advisor, attended training sessions on security awareness, security culture, global cyberwar incidents, … Continue reading "ImageQuest’s Shutt and Ramsay attend KnowBe4 conference"
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ImageQuest promotes Mason Funderburg to Client Support Team Lead

ImageQuest has promoted Mason Funderburg to Client Support Team Lead, effective today. The promotion reflects Mason “consistently going above and beyond for our clients and our team,” said Alyssia Syphers, Client Support Manager. “Mason is a natural leader. He is analytical, looks for process improvement, and is always willing to help wherever we need help.” … Continue reading "ImageQuest promotes Mason Funderburg to Client Support Team Lead"
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U.S. creates Cyber Safety Review Board

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has established a new review board to study cybersecurity called the Cyber Safety Review Board or CSRB. The new review board is “loosely modeled on the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which investigates air crashes, train derailments, and other transportation accidents,” Tech Crunch reported. The new review board “will … Continue reading "U.S. creates Cyber Safety Review Board"
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Meet a Cybercriminal accused of hacking Kaseya

Polish authorities arrested 22-year-old Ukranian Yaroslav Vasinskyi on Oct. 8 in connection with attacks on software provider Kaseya and others. In an indictment a month later, the U.S. Department of Justice accused Vasinskyi of unleashing Sodinokibi/REvil ransomware on Kaseya and other victims. Vasinkyi and a co-defendant, 28-year-old Russian Yevgeniy Polyanin, “deployed some of the internet’s … Continue reading "Meet a Cybercriminal accused of hacking Kaseya"
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The rising popularity of mechanical keyboards

If you are of a certain age, you might be amused to learn that some modern office workers say the greatest keyboard is … the mechanical keyboards found on old IBM Selectric Typewriters. Yes, that 1960s technology now represents the pinnacle of typing feel and sound. And a growing number of enthusiasts seek the Selectric’s equivalent … Continue reading "The rising popularity of mechanical keyboards"
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Our IT New Year’s resolutions: Worry less about ransomware, phishing

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for you: Worry less about ransomware. Ha! you say, impossible! Well, not if you take certain steps. And if your internal IT team is stretched thin (hello, log4j) some steps might have been missed. We have a checklist to help you achieve this New Year’s resolution – and for another … Continue reading "Our IT New Year’s resolutions: Worry less about ransomware, phishing"
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The Rise Of Cyber Liability Insurance

If you don’t work within the IT or cybersecurity service industries, cyber liability insurance may be something completely new to you. However, with the rise of remote work and advancing capabilities of hackers across the globe, businesses today would be remiss not to prioritize cybersecurity insurance when planning their yearly budget. So, what exactly is … Continue reading "The Rise Of Cyber Liability Insurance"
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