Checked up on your vendors’ security practices lately?

As states race to each pass their own “mini-GDPRs,” ensuring your vendors comply can be a real chore.
But you need to do this. As we know from the massive Target breach, a vendor wtih poor security practices logging in to your system can be the unwitting vector for an attack.
Also, regulators know this – and are now asking what you’ve done to review your vendors’ security practices. This includes ALL your vendors – including the cloud vendors you rely on to do some of the security heavy lifting.
As the CCH breach that left accounting firms in the dark last week proves, you cannot assume anything.
We can help you review your vendors for security practices that will help at audit and examination time.
And don’t forget – your larger clients likely need you to do this too.
So contact us to get more information on how we can help you!


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