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Could My Organization Move to the Cloud?

“Can an organization move to the cloud?” is a question that gets asked a lot. The simple answer is probably? Maybe? I don’t know? But the honest answer is we have to do some investigation to find out. The Cloud allows businesses to access a larger, more talented pool of potential employees through remote work. It lets current employees have a more flexible working environment—whether that’s at the office, beach, or mountains! But let’s get into what your move to the Cloud really means.

What Does the Cloud Really Mean?

The Cloud, in simplicity, means you’re operating on someone else’s computer. You are already using the Cloud in some way, most likely for email and lots of other tools. So, the real question is, “Can you move your ENTIRE operation to the Cloud? And can you go serverless? Can you get rid of infrastructure inside your facilities?” And the answer is probably yes.

Why Couldn’t I Move to the Cloud?

Not every organization can completely move to the Cloud because there are still applications out there, some legacy applications, that just simply require on-premises horsepower for them to operate effectively. But ask your MSP, MSSP, or your IT consultant and let them do a full assessment for you and walk through that journey with you. I’m sure you’re going to come out on the other end with an answer you’re going to like.

Ready to Move Your Business to the Cloud?

Just like you wouldn’t put millions of dollars into the stock market without a financial advisor, you shouldn’t put your millions of bytes of data into the Cloud without a technology advisor. Cloud migration takes considerable planning, assessments, and processes that have to be done right, or else you risk losing all of your precious data.

That’s why you should contact us for help with managed cloud services. We can help you assess whether the Cloud is right for you, move to the Cloud, keep it secured and backed up, and adjust the amount of data storage you have as your business fluctuates. Get in touch with our team today to get started with your cloud migration.