Daily calls keep ImageQuest team focused – and connected

IQ daily check-in call

ImageQuest’s CEO Milton Bartley instituted a daily 9 a.m. CDT company-wide check-in call when COVID-19 restrictions took effect in March.

During the calls we learn how everyone’s doing (no COVID-19 illnesses so far, thank goodness!!!) Sometimes, Milton provides company updates. Sometimes we hear about co-workers’ above and beyond efforts.

Sometimes we chat about what all of us are doing for fun at the  weekend.

One coworker took us on a tour of his home office (“here’s my fish tank…”) Another revealed that he’s working in his garage (not sure if he has visions of being the next Hewlett-Packard or not.) A third is brave enough to show his entire #WFH outfit, with nary a pajama bottom in site.

We also have “themes.”  In the image above, we were all supposed to be outside, but  only two of us had porches to keep us out of the rain.

It’s been great to seen so many co-workers enthusiastically participating in “silly hats” day  or “show your pet” day.

With a third of our team working in the office on any given day now, and two-thirds working remotely, this has been a great way for all of us feel connected to our fellow co-workers.  When you’re isolated at home, it helps to see others also getting work done also in a home (or a garage) environment.

We don’t claim to be experts here, but this is one #Work-from-Home tactic we’ve had success with, and plan to continue. Happy Hump Day!




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