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Do you know the biggest myth of Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month at ImageQuest
Many of us wish Cybersecurity was a “set it and forget it” task. But unfortunately, the reality is your cybersecurity efforts are never done.

The good guys erect barriers that work, then the bad guys find new ways to get in. Unfortunately, both sides practice “kaizen” – continuous improvement, making cybersecurity a journey rather than a destination.

We believe protection must be two-fold. You must use current practices to secure your data, and you need rapid detection and recovery.

Current practices include employee training to prevent phishing and other data loss; robust data protection policies and practices; and managed detection and response.

The latter is available under the fractional share model. It offers scanning, detection, and response recommendations that are tuned to the latest threats as a subscription, instead of buying all of it yourself.

We also recommend working with a managed IT services provider like us. IT has become a critical asset of businesses today, and outsourcing some of the design, support, and protection is necessary to achieve the full benefits of what your technology can do.

Unless you are a global firm or U.S. giant, chances are your IT team doesn’t have enough hours in the day to provide what you need. Talk with us to learn how we help regulated companies stay secure and compliant.

And, for the rest of October, Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!