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Does Your Managed IT Service Go Beyond?

Your business relies on technology. When you need that technology to be there, your support provider should be there, too. It should not matter if you are having problems with the internet or need to physically move your network from Nashville to Bowling Green, KY, your managed IT service should step up, step in, and go beyond your expectations. 

But what does going beyond mean? At ImageQuest, it means having a relationship with each client; a relationship that is more than just a contract. These are just a few ways that we cultivate those relationships and recommit to customer service every day:

Professional technicians come prepared and arrive on time.

As a managed IT service serving Nashville, TN, Bowling Green, KY, and Louisville, KY, we understand the need to have staff at-the-ready when issues come up, or even when you just want a review of your set up. We do not believe in “be there when we get there” appointments. Instead, we work with your schedule and appoint a dedicated tech to arrive at your location when you expect them. We have been told this is refreshing, but, in reality, it is simply a show of respect. 

Ownership of your entire IT services and products.

We might not be able to provide internet service or printer maintenance, but we do take over when there is a problem with any of your IT services. Furthermore, when you have industry-specific software and business applications, we coordinate with your vendors to ensure a speedy resolution to software glitches that slow you down. 

Disaster planning for those unforeseen circumstances.

No one can predict the future, not even a managed IT service provider. Your Nashville business, however, won’t be left in the dark if disaster strikes. In addition to performing routine “fire drills,” we insist on drafting a data and network recovery plan, and we back everything up before making any changes to your systems. 

Truly all-inclusive service and support.

You can call a dozen managed IT service providers in Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, or Bowling Green, KY, and you will get a dozen different answers to what “full service” means. ImageQuest does not believe in surprises. Our all-inclusive support plan is transparent and does not leave out the “extras.” Need support for your remote offices? Covered. Comprehensive off-site backups? Check. We like to think of our all-inclusive plan as a final product; you don’t have to put the pieces together yourself and hope you’ve chosen the right a la carte selections. 

Regular updates of network and machine status. 

We believe wholeheartedly in providing you with hard facts about the status of each machine in your network. Once each quarter, we provide a “health score” that outlines important services you receive throughout that quarter. This includes information on antivirus, patch, and security updates along with a snapshot of your system’s performance, available hard drive space, and automatic backups. As part of our managed IT service, Nashville, TN, Bowling Green, KY, and Louisville, KY clients may also request more frequent updates at no additional charge.

Provide all network documentation, including passwords, hardware inventory, and licensing agreements.

You will never be denied or given the runaround when you want access to your critical passwords. A few IT services providers effectively hold this information hostage so that you must rely on them, 100%. This is not an ethical practice and one that is a huge red flag.

These are just a few ways that our clients have told us that we go beyond the basics. We know that your business relies on your network, and our business relies on you. We will never cut corners, and you will always know that you have a professional and responsive managed IT service provider on your side. For other services, like IT Compliance, reach out to ImageQuest for help today!