Doing the Right Thing for our Clients

Great Client Review for ImageQuestRecently, a client had a problem to which we responded. During troubleshooting, we discovered we made a mistake.

While other team members worked on fixing the issue, our Vice President of Information Technology, Brad Lyttle, talked with the client’s leadership. Brad told them about the mistake and assured them we would fix it at our own expense.

Like most companies, we have a mission statement that includes our Core Values. Our Number One Core Value is “We do the right thing.” Brad was simply following that value.

But apparently, the client was not expecting an honest admission of a mistake.

We resolved the client’s problem and returned them to normal operations. They responded by praising our integrity and the straightforward way we handled the situation.

They were kind enough to write a glowing review, which we appreciate.

We do the right thing because that is how we want to be treated when WE are customers.

We value our relationships with our clients – we see it as a partnership through thick and thin. In that partnership, we work to build our expertise around the client’s system, the client’s business needs, and the best practices for an IT system, particularly in a regulated environment.

Our Core Values statement tells our team: “Doing the right thing means owning the client relationship. We are committed to being there for our clients in both good times and bad. We are willing to accept responsibility for our actions and the consequences, even when that may not seem to be in our best interests as individuals or as a company.”

We hire people who share our Core Values. When you work with a team of people with shared Core Values, it becomes how you see the world.

We’re not perfect. But “we accept responsibility for our actions and the consequences.”

It’s just good business.


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