Don’t cut corners with your cybersecurity habits!

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Just a friendly reminder – when you are tempted to cut corners in your cybersecurity habits – don’t.

We understand you’re coming in to the busy fall holiday season, when your to-do lists swell and events increase exponentially. You may be racing to meet deadlines and respond to clients with sensitive info.

But don’t cut cybersecurity corners. Criminals are out there and we guarantee they will pounce when you let your cyber guard down. So don’t.

Help yourself out with having 2-factor authentication on your accounts (so you’re forced to do it correctly), use a Password Manager, and use your VPN when you’re out of the office.

Otherwise, if a client requests sensitive information, take a breath and make sure it’s legit. And then send it to them correctly – not from the open airport WiFi.

Better to boo than to boo-hoo!

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