Don’t panic, we’re here: A customer review of our Live Support Desk

Davis Houk, ImageQuest, tech support

We post customer reviews here on our website, and recently we heard from a customer about the great support received from Davis Houk on our Help Desk.

A key software program had stopped working, and our customer said he was “frantic.” He praised Davis for being willing to “listen and comprehend” and for showing “patience with a distressed customer.”

Our client also wrote that Davis “was willing to stick with the problem until the issue was resolved, which took at least an hour.”

We know from our client reviews that Davis isn’t unique. From time to time our other tech support professionals get similar reviews.

But it’s nice to see a rave review from time to time.

You can read more of our customer reviews here on our website. And if you aren’t having this experience with your IT vendor, maybe you should talk with us!

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