Friendly reminder – STOP using a password spreadsheet on your computer

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Do you know someone who still keeps a list or spreadsheet of their passwords on their computer?

Or someone who has the list printed out and sitting somewhere on their desk?

It’s 2019 and you need to upgrade that person to a password manager. If they are working at your company they are a serious security risk.

If this person is YOU, you could be at risk for losing your job.

What to do: Get a password manager. Get the paid version. Surely you can swing $24-50 a year to keep your assets secure and bad guys from easily stealing your identity.

You can find reviews and how-tos online if you search for “password manager.” We like 1Password, Lastpass and Dashlane, but there others.

While there are free versions, we recommend you get a paid version for robust security and extra features that are also worthwhile. In the world of cybersecurity, when something is free, the saying is true: You get what you pay for.

While you have to take time to set up the password manager, once set up it can actually make life a little easier. A password manager auto-fills your log-in, meaning it can be faster than searching your unsecure list for a password.

If you really want to be the office hero, get the spreadsheet person on a password manager and then get them using Two-Factor authentication.

But first steps first. The password manager is critical and all of us must be using them.

If you think your staff needs some training on this, talk with us!

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