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ImageQuest announces more new team members

ImageQuest's Asher Wilkinson Drew Schaffernoth and Mason Funderburg

We have more new team members we’d like to introduce to you – although you may have already met them on the phone. We’ve been itching to tell you, but a COVID-related delay held up our efforts to get photos of them.

All that’s resolved now, and we’d like to introduce Drew Schaffernoth, Mason Funderburg, and Asher Wilkinson. All work with our Remote Support Center, helping clients resolve their IT issues.

Drew is a Client Support Coordinator responsible for getting client requests for assistance assigned to the correct support technicians. He assesses calls for the severity of problems and sets priorities accordingly.

“It’s a nice way to immerse myself into IT full-time,” said Drew, whose past experience includes the foodservice industry. “One thing I like about computers is it’s very black and white, which I understand a lot better.”

Mason is a Client Support Specialist II. He assists our clients by solving the IT problems they encounter in their work.

Mason’s career started in airport administration. He earned a bachelor of science degree in Aerospace Administration from Middle Tennessee State University. Mason then went to work for airports in North Dakota, Oregon, and Alabama.

After leaving the airport industry, Mason joined a local healthcare IT firm in greater Nashville before joining us in October as a Client Support Specialist II.

Mason switched to IT because he said he found himself burned out on his airport work.

“It was a lot of the same thing every day, the same inspections, the same kind of paperwork,” he said of his airport jobs. With ImageQuest, “there’s a wide variety of technology that we get to touch, and see how different companies use technology in different ways.”

Asher also is a Client Support Specialist II and joined us in October as well.

Asher spent six years in the Mississippi Army National Guard, getting called up twice. He served as an IT Specialist on tours in Tikrit, Iraq, and Bagram, Afghanistan, as well as for the Mississippi Guard.

Asher studied psychology in college and also earned a diploma from the Nashville Film Institute. But he realized fairly quickly that it’s tough to build a successful career in the film industry, even on the production side.

“It’s a lot of risk for a shot at a reward and very difficult to make any money,” Asher said. “IT is what I’ve done since high school. It’s like solving puzzles for a profession.”

Asher said he enjoys working with ImageQuest clients because, unlike past experiences he’s had, our clients “are friendly. They understand why they’re calling us and why we’re here. They want their problem solved, but they’re not short-tempered or high-strung about it. They generally seem pretty happy with our services.”