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ImageQuest joins Chambliss Law for Startup Week Chattanooga event

ImageQuest Sammi Jo Shutt #startupweekCHA on Chambliss panel Photo courtesy Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel P.C.

Chambliss Law participated in Chattanooga’s Startup Week (#startupweekCHA) with a seminar on Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, hosted by the Chambliss Startup Group.

Titled “Data Dilemmas: Protecting Your Growing Business from Unforced Errors in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy” the session was a lunch-and-learn held Tuesday, Oct. 22, at the offices of Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel P.C.

ImageQuest’s Sammi Jo Shutt, right, joined the discussion with her perspective as an IT Security Analyst. She helps our clients meet data security and compliance requirements.

The session focused on how growing businesses could sink under a single data incident, and educated attendees on topics such as cyber insurance, new legal obligations for businesses, the need for data privacy and security policies, and market expectations for managing private information.

Startup Week Chattanooga is a week-long celebration of entrepreneurship with events ranging from panel discussions and seminars to networking and social events.

The Chambliss Startup Group is an active participant in the Chattanooga startup and entrepreneurial community. The practice group was created in 2011 to inspire and promote entrepreneurs, and to help clients remove legal obstacles between their dreams and success.

If you are active in your entrepreneurial and business community and need a panelist or speaker to discuss cybersecurity or data privacy regulations, contact us about participating in your event!