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ImageQuest | Our Growth Underscores Need For Managed IT Services

In 2019, ImageQuest grew by nearly 20 percent. This represents an elevated demand for managed IT services in Nashville, Louisville, Bowling Green, Ky., and beyond. This growth was triggered by an increasing number of reputation-aware businesses in highly-regulated industries, such as banking, healthcare, and investing. These businesses recognize the need to include specialized services as part of their information technology efforts to ensure IT compliance and unrivaled cybersecurity.

In an age where digital threats continuously evolve, protections must keep pace. ImageQuest’s managed IT service helps small and medium-sized businesses in Nashville, Louisville, and Bowling Green, Ky., do just that. Companies in mortgage lending, financial services, wealth management, real estate, healthcare, and more must maintain ultra-strict data privacy regulations as part of their day-to-day operations. ImageQuest’s growth illustrates a greater awareness of the importance of data security.

Managed IT services available to Nashville, Louisville, and other Kentucky and Tennessee businesses include vendor management, documentation, IT compliance, and incident response planning. ImageQuest is also a leading provider of disaster recovery planning and other services that help businesses meet – and exceed – regulatory requirements for online privacy and security.

Notably, ImageQuest continually maintains a SOC 2 Type II certification. This respected industry certification signals that ImageQuest has leading data privacy and security processes in place. The certification tells clients that entrusting their data and systems to ImageQuest will help them meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

More than just security, ImageQuest offers managed IT services for small and medium enterprises that need to maintain a unique and/or sophisticated technology infrastructure. Our IT experts can help companies implement strategies to support remote workers and to scale on a moment’s notice. Managed IT services also include adding and supporting cloud-based applications so that businesses can run at peak efficiency no matter how widely their staff may be scattered.

ImageQuest can provide managed IT services for businesses throughout Nashville, Louisville, and Bowling Green, Ky., and when combined with other IT supports, many business owners see an ROI on their IT spending.

A case study of the Mental Health Cooperative of Tennessee (MHC) found that managed IT services provided by ImageQuest quickly and effectively resolved many data network problems. MHC leadership has praised ImageQuest for overhauling its entire IT infrastructure. The managed IT service options provided have given MHC the IT foundation it needed to maintain its entire line of business-critical applications.

ImageQuest’s recent growth can be attributed in part to the staff’s ability to not only do as asked but also to foresee alternative solutions to as-yet-unknown problems. Each IT professional has keen critical thinking skills and knows how to form a strategic partnership for the betterment of every client.

ImageQuest President and CEO Milton Bartley acknowledge that core values and a team mentality have played a significant role in the company’s success. He says that his company is committed to doing what is right for each client. He believes that the success of 2019 is only a springboard for what’s to come in 2020.

Managed IT service from companies like ImageQuest will only grow in demand as companies continue to realize the benefits of both a mobile workplace and preemptive cybersecurity measures.

ImageQuest LLC was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing clients a competitive advantage in the Digital Age. Today, ImageQuest offers managed IT service, IT compliance, and cybersecurity for companies throughout Nashville and beyond. Technology solutions include consulting, infrastructure, data compliance, and regulatory IT audit assistance. Milton Bartley serves on the Forbes Technology Council and is lauded for his expertise in digital data security.

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