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ImageQuest welcomes Senior Systems Administrator Dennis Peeke

Welcome Senior Systems Administrator Dennis Peeke to ImageQuest

Dennis Peeke has joined ImageQuest as a Senior Systems Administrator.

A racing fan, Dennis is particularly fond of the McLaren Formula One team from the late 1980s and early 90s.

“Everything inside the organization was a well-oiled machine,” he said. “In racing, you tend to see just the driver and the car, but it also requires the strategists, the engineers, and the technical people to make all that data happen quickly. It’s a cut-throat sport, and ultimately the teams remembered through history are the teams that got that teamwork right.”

That is also the philosophy Dennis brings to his work. How is a customer’s IT system working? Can operations run more smoothly? Are critical systems staying online – and if not, what is causing the issue?

If that sounds like it requires a deep dive into a network system and unlocking its secrets, Dennis says he loves that. At his previous job, one of his favorite responsibilities was working as a database administrator – writing code, looking at reporting, maintaining servers, and learning what the data had to say about a process, a product, or an organization.

“This economy’s driven by data, and I find that pretty fascinating,” he said.

Dennis also enjoys handling cybersecurity. “It’s a chess game – there’s no foolproof method, it’s about how many layers you can put between you and the enemy.”

Dennis likes to race at tracks in his spare time, although he said that hobby has been curtailed by COVID-19.  He is single.

Dennis graduated from the University of Tennessee Martin with a Business Management. He did additional study in Management Information Systems. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and certified in SCRUM fundamentals.

We assume he will rack up more certifications as Dennis said his professional goal is to stay current with the continually changing landscape of Information Technology.

“I want to be the sharpest tool I can be. I don’t want to be laid off in middle age because I didn’t keep up.”

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