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ImageQuest welcomes two IT professionals

New IT support pros at ImageQuest

We recently welcomed Fred Bradley and Casey Barrett to our support team and are glad they are aboard.

Although we initially hired Fred to be Field Support Specialist for us, recently, we asked him to become an Account Manager for us, and he agreed.

Fred has been in the IT field for 30 years, he said, and “I’ve worked for pretty much everybody. You name it, I’ve been with them!”

Fred’s IT career began with a stint in the Navy, where he did intelligence work, which got him doing a lot of work with computers. He said he felt his IT abilities came naturally to him, and he’s handled many aspects of IT throughout his career.

Fred said he’s enjoying working at ImageQuest because of our team.

“I’ve told Milton this, I’ve told everybody this – this is the most solid team and the best cohesive team I’ve ever worked with the entire time I’ve been in IT,” he said. “It’s a pleasure to come to work – and trust me, I’ve had jobs where it was an absolute burden. It’s a huge win for me to be here.”

The transition to Account Manager gives Fred “the ability to actively participate in the company’s growth” through his work with our clients.

The new assignment “is a perfect fit. My first couple of weeks have been intense, but with Candice Weathers as my trainer, I am guaranteed to become an old pro in no time.”

Fred is married to April and says they relax with vacations.

Casey is a junior network administrator. He provides specialized expertise in network issues for our team.

He says he developed an early interest in IT thanks to his mom, who also works in IT.

“Anything I can get my hands on I tinker with,” he said. “I have a lot of devices I’ve taken apart, too.”

Casey served six years in the U.S. Army National Guard, doing IT work in addition to the weekend training.

And like Fred, he is enjoying his work at ImageQueset.

“I think the best thing is the people I’m working with because I know I don’t have to worry about someone not doing something or having to pick up after someone who doesn’t know something specific,” he said. “I get along with everyone. Some places you work and it’s ok, but you wouldn’t want to go have a beer with them. Here, everyone I work with here could go have a beer with and feel perfectly comfortable.”

Casey and his wife Sarah have an eight-year-old daughter.

When he’s not “playing on the computer” at home, Casey enjoys playing video games, playing baseball with his daughter, doing some 3-D printing, and going to a gun range.