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ImageQuest’s Jay Mallory shares true stories in “Tales from the Malware Front”

Jay Mallory, CUB Bank, Tales from the Malware Front

What do an employee working from home, a financial services advisor, an attorney, and a mortgage company CEO have in common?

Two things – one each experienced a hacking attempt, and each were a topic in today’s “Tales from the Malware Front.”

Sponsored by Citizens Union Bank, the event provided attendees guidance on how to avoid becoming a target of hackers and their ransomware and other forms of malware.

ImageQuest’s Jay Mallory shared the real experiences each of the victims went through after getting hit with ransomware, business e-mail compromise, vishing, and spearphishing. Those experiences were stressful and in some cases expensive to the victims.

Attendees learned to use two-factor authentication and a password manager to halt some of the situations. Skepticism and suspicion were also suggested when an email or a phone call didn’t seem quite right.

And if you’re wondering – ImageQuest gained first-hand knowledge of most of these situations when people called us for help. The exception was the mortgage company CEO, who discussed his ransomware experience after the fact.

His company is not an ImageQuest Managed Security client… Yet.