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Improve recruiting, work remotely and securely with Desktop-as-a-Service

We now offer Desktop-as-a-Service because it solves many problems.

D-a-a-S allows you to work anywhere, on any device, securely. Have a lot of team members working out in the field? Or wanting to offer work-from-home as a benefit? D-a-a-S allows everyone to remain productive and working securely.

It also allows you to recruit from anywhere. Spotted the perfect talent – but he or she won’t move because of a spouse’s job? With D-a-a-S that can become a non-issue.

Desktop-as-a-Service means you gain a longer service cycle with your equipment, even as they remain up-to-date and protected with the latest versions and patches.

And, Desktop-as-a-Service lets you use your operating budget instead of your capital expense budget.

If you would like to explore this offering further with a conversation about how it could work with your organization, contact us today!

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