Improve Your Tech IQ: Invite an external attendee to your Teams meeting

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Did you know? Someone from outside your organization can participate in your meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Teams is part of the M365 suite most people know as Office 365. M365 provides a more secure environment for internal collaboration and communication, but people outside your organization can participate through invitation.

  1. Set up the meeting by clicking on the Calendar icon on the left. Set up your meeting time, location, and your participants. Add your external participant’s email to the “Add required attendees” box. Select the Teams channel for which your meeting is relevant.
  2. When you click “Save,” your team and your external participant(s) will get the invite. The external participants get an email with a link that says, “Click here to join the meeting.”
  3. When your external participant clicks on the link, they will find an online version of Teams that opens a meeting screen. The screen asks the attendee to choose their audio and video settings. Depending on your Teams settings, they may go into a waiting room or “lobby,” where you have to click to permit them to enter.
  4. And that’s it. You can discuss a project, share screens, and work on files together.

.If you would like to learn more about Teams or our M365 offering, contact us !

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