Ransomware attacks skyrocket Q1 2019

Insurance Journal reports ransomware attacks ‘skyrocket’ Q1 2019

As Baltimore continues to struggle to recover from a ransomware attack, Insurance Journal reports ransomware attacks increased 105 percent, citing Beazley Breach Response Services.

Criminals and rogue nations are using new generations of malware to attack large organizations. The attackers also are demanding higher ransom payments, the report notes.

This doesn’t mean small and medium businesses can relax. The report says “Ransomware-as-a-Service” malware bought on the Dark Web continues to seek out SMBs with poor security practices. The ransom may not cost as much as a Baltimore ransom, but the damage it inflicts could potentially be more devastating to smaller organizations.

Our CEO, Milton Bartley, will be speaking in Louisville Thursday about ransomware – and Ransomware-as-a-Service. If you would like to attend, click here.  If you can’t attend but would like to learn more, contact Milton here.

Just because you may not hear lots of news stories about ransomware doesn’t mean it’s gone away. Not by a long shot.

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