It’s business as usual for System Administrator Josh Quigley

Remote Work Tales by ImageQuest

March has certainly been an interesting month in Nashville this year. First our community had a tornado strike in the middle of the night, and now, coronavirus.

Just like other businesses, we had some projects underway. We were working on clients’ server upgrades, moving clients’ operations to new Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) cloud operations, and migrating clients to Office 365.

ImageQuest System Administrator Josh Quigley had been working Josh Quigley, ImageQueston these migration projects, giving up weekends to migrate systems over to the new platforms during our clients’ off hours. He spent Mondays making sure systems were performing during regular work hours, ironing out hiccups, and wrapping up the transitions.

Then COVID-19 arrived, prompting local, state, and federal governments to urge non-essential workers to    work from home.

Josh continued to come into our office to make sure he could fully resolve any issues that might arise with clients’ systems post-migration. He also has been helping clients resolve specific work-from-home issues.

One client needed to know how many workers their remote server could support at one time. Others had questions about their Virtual Private Network (VPN) servers.

Because machines don’t care about viruses or tornadoes, Josh also is in the middle of getting a failed hard drive replaced in another client’s server.

“I’m trying to get that scheduled and fixed,” he said.

“As far as ImageQuest is concerned, it’s business as usual,” Josh said. “We were ready before any of this happened. It wasn’t because of the tornado or the COVID-19 that we came up with a disaster plan of working from home. It was already in place, we just had to enact it.”

The rest of this week Josh plans to keep tabs on the clients who’ve undergone migrations to new platforms, making sure their email is flowing, their systems are working. He’s probably going to handle that from home, because he currently doesn’t need to come into the office to do that.

If client files or folders go down, Josh and our other system administrators will be on hand, ready to perform restores that get our customers back to work.

And if you’re wondering – Josh said he feels fine.

“I’m doing good! I’m taking it one step at a time, not trying to over-react or anything. I’m just trying to keep everything flowing.”

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