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Know who cares about what Disney Princess you are? Hackers.

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Are you still answering quizzes on Social Media? Seeing friends who are answering them and inviting you to join them?

October is a great month to put a stop to that behavior!

You’re not just sharing interesting facts about yourself with friends – you also are giving criminals ways to impersonate you. Some of your “interesting” facts could be answers to your security questions – or a way to fool you into downloading malware.

Criminals routinely harvest Social Media posts to design customized phishing emails to gain access to high-value targets. Those emails often target distracted employees at companies where the organization holds tremendous amounts of funds, data, and/or intellectual property.

Criminals also target the downstream vendors who serve those high-value targets.

It’s this easy for a hacker: A potential victim posts a bucket list comment about seeing Tahiti. Next up, the victim gets a phishing email offering you a discount vacation to Tahiti. Just click here …

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) this year is urging people to remember that “If you connect, you must protect.” That goes for taking quizzes on social media.

Some quizzes use your account to access your friends’ information – sometimes without their knowledge or permission.

Don’t be that friend. People will connect with you whether you’re a certain Disney Princess or not.

If you have team members who still take quizzes on their personal Social Media, we suggest you consider an Employee Security Training program to educate them on safe Internet use. We offer Security Training, and would be happy to discuss it with you!