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Leading managed IT services provider ImageQuest celebrates 15 years in business

ImageQuest marks its 15th year in business this month, and how we started is not what we look like today!

Today, ImageQuest is a leading provider of managed IT services, cybersecurity, and IT compliance services to regulated companies and their vendors. Our primary areas of focus include financial institutions, including trusts; medical software and services; legal and insurance firms; and large non-profits.

Back in 2007, ImageQuest began as a purchased copier dealership. We sold and leased copiers, which led to our name, ImageQuest.

But within three years, Co-Founder, President & CEO Milton Bartley realized ImageQuest’s future lay in providing managed services. In 2010, we launched what was then called NetWise™ Managed IT Services & IT Security Consulting.

By 2012, our Managed IT program was outpacing our Imaging revenue. By the close of 2016, we had sold our document division, added an in-house Help Desk and Network Operations Center – and launched our Cybersecurity and Compliance division.

Our pivot to being a Managed IT Services company finalized with our attaining SOC 2 Type II attestation initially in 2018 after an intensive audit of our data security practices. We renew this attestation annually.

However, life as a Managed IT Services company is far from static. The IT industry is an ever-changing sea of innovation – and threats. You must keep up with technology’s evolution while staying ahead of its threats.

We have been able to invest in innovations and ever-stronger protections to provide our clients with the IT services and protections they need to stay competitive in their markets. We are proud to say we remain a leading provider of IT in the Nashville region and a leading provider of Information Security.

Our expertise resides in regulated industries, and we focus our efforts there.

We made the INC 5000 list last year for the second time, as our revenue and staff expertise grew. The 12-person company of 2012 is now 50 people in 2022 – and growing.

Our Core Values continue to be We Do the Right Thing, We Do It with Professionalism, We Do It with Teamwork, and We Do IT through Innovation. We hire individuals dedicated to these core values and count many employees who have been with us for years.

We haven’t changed our name in 15 years, even though we’ve changed our line of business.

But if you think about it, the name still applies.

We help protect our clients’ images. We keep them on current, productive, and efficient IT systems. And we keep secure their business records, client data, and employee information.

Drop the ball on any of those aspects, and you’ve damaged a client’s reputation and their “image” in the marketplace.

So later this month, we will celebrate 15 years in business – as our “quest” continues.

Happy Birthday, ImageQuest!