Fujie Wang, Anthem, indictment

Meet Fujie Wang – indicted for “extremely sophisticated” Anthem breach

Fujie Wang, a 32-year-old from Shenzhen, China, faces a U.S. government indictment for the giant 2015 Anthem breach.
He and a co-defendant who uses aliases are accused of hacking into Anthem plus three other large but unnamed businesses in basic materials, technology, and communications.
The indictment says he and colleagues used spearphishing emails sent to an Anthem subsidiary to gain access to the insurer’s network. The spearphishing emails were specially tailored for the victim employees – whether they were at the Anthem subsidiary or the other three organizations.
When a victim clicked a link in the spearphishing email, they downloaded a file that deployed malware enabling remote access to the organizations’ networks.
The indictment called the hackers’ techniques “extremely sophisticated.” Sometimes they “patiently waited for months before taking further action,” the indictment said.
You can read more about the Wang and the breach in our June Newsletter – or you can read the indictment here.

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