Merry Christmas to Special Kids of Tennessee

Special Kids is a nursing and therapy center in Murfreesboro, Tn.ImageQuest Christmas 2022 at Special Kids

They serve children who need extra help to reach their greatest potential in life. The children served by Special Kids may have feeding difficulties, may be medically fragile, and may be sensitive to certain stimuli, such as sounds, lights, or even changing activities or settings.

They may have difficulties communicating, moving, learning, and mastering the life skills appropriate for their age.

Most importantly, Special Kids offers services for children whose parents may struggle to afford them. Insurance may not cover what’s needed, or the parents may not have insurance.

Special Kids’ founders saw the need and as Christians, felt called to provide the services, regardless of a parent’s ability to pay.

The center opened in 1998 debt-free with help from the Christy-Houston Foundation and operates its campus and services today as a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Special Kids maintains wish lists on that make it easy to buy them supplies.

And that is what the ImageQuest team did in November. Special Kids has several wish lists for its nursing and therapy centers for a range of prices.

Team members could go on Amazon, pick a gift from one of the lists, and have it shipped directly to Special Kids. We asked the team to use the gift option to tell Special Kids it came from ImageQuest; otherwise, we did not monitor who bought what.

Approximately one-third of our team works remotely, so this allowed everyone to participate easily. The photo shows a few of their children with the nursing center gifts ImageQuest bought (including the shopping cart!) Special Kids’ therapy center also received items.

If you would like to buy a needed item for Special Kids, you can find their gift list here. The non-profit has several lists of needed items on the left.

Merry Christmas!




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