Need a CISO? Consider outsourcing when cyber talent scarce

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Are you planning to hire someone to meet the increasing demands for strong data privacy and data protection measures?

Good luck.

You’re wading into a battle for scarce, experienced talent and the six- to seven-figure salaries they command.

Cybersecurity Ventures last fall predicted that 3.5 million cybersecurity positions would be open globally by 2021.

There are thousands of cybersecurity positions open in the U.S. alone. There is not enough talent here to fill thoe jobs.

And if you want experienced, skilled talent – you are battling a marketplace willing to pay your prospective Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) potentially more than you can swing.

“No matter how much revenue you have, you can’t find the people,” a CEO of an artificial intelligence firm told MIT’s Technology Review. “People leave in 12 months because someone else will give them a 30% bump in pay.”

So how to cope, because increasing regulations and the marketplace expect you to be protecting data with secure systems?

One answer is outsourcing. We commonly see the IT team wanting freed up from the day-to-day support issues so they can work on strategic, big-picture needs.

There’s also value in working with vendors who specialize in the pieces of a security plan – such as email security or compliant Cloud services. A specialized vendor has the wherewithal to stay on top of cybercrime developments and update the protection provided to you accordingly.

Some Managed Service Providers, such as ImageQuest, combine services to provide day-to-day IT Support as well as IT Security. For the latter, a menu of curated expert third-party vendors is typically offered to provide the best protection to clients.

Looking to an outside expert, such as ImageQuest, instead of hiring your own in-house expertise can be a less stressful solution for everyone involved.

Otherwise, be prepared for a bidding war to secure your in-house talent. Act now, because salaries are skyrocketing.

If you need help, consider talking with us as an option.

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