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New client Sunrise Services needed IT Compliance help

Sunrise Services, ImageQuest, IT Compliance

From time to time we highlight clients who hire us to help them out.

Recently we talked with Kelly Meeks, of Sunrise Services LLC, who asked ImageQuest to help Sunrise improve its IT Compliance posture.

IT Compliance is important to Sunrise as it works with physician practices to ensure their billing systems results in timely payments.

A previous IT provider’s gaps in meeting data security regulations caused Sunrise to fall behind in meeting HIPAA regulations. Meeks met our Jay Mallory and quickly learned that we could bring her IT up to regulatory standards.

Ultimately ImageQuest moved Sunrise’s IT Infrastructure to a secure and compliant data center and is providing ongoing IT management and support.

If your IT provider is leaving you exposed and at risk for a breach or falling behind in IT regulatory compliance, give us a call!