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New technology at your office? Here’s how to ease the transition

The Wall Street Journal’s Sue Shellenbarger has a great piece about adapting to new procedures at the office – primarily those driven by technology.

She notes that leaders driving the change must understand that people fear losing a comfort level when the old way is discarded. Also, we tend to fear change, because we fear making a mistake will make us look incompetent.

We all know these folks – and sometimes maybe it’s us. We had a system, a way we managed our workload, and learning a new system bogs all of that down. Or maybe doing it the old way is such a habit we struggle with understanding the new processes required by the new machine.

In a nutshell – the key to overcoming resistance to change is to explain how the new thing is a benefit. When employees grasp how the new technology is a better way they will be much more likely to embrace it, Shellenbarger writes. (Unfortunately the article’s behind a paywall, so hit up a WSJ subscriber for access.)

From our point of view, we like to think we make our clients’ work lives easier. We hear from clients coming off of systems that crashed regularly that our systems  “just work.” Our clients tell us they “don’t have to think about” their technology – ImageQuest’s solutions allow them to focus on their business.

We also hear from clients that they have confidence in our solutions, and confidence in our support.

We try to be as frictionless for your team as possible.

So if you aren’t having that kind of experience with your technology vendor, maybe you should give us a call.

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