Our IT New Year’s resolutions: Worry less about ransomware, phishing

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for you: Worry less about ransomware.

Ha! you say, impossible!

Well, not if you take certain steps. And if your internal IT team is stretched thin (hello, log4j) some steps might have been missed.

We have a checklist to help you achieve this New Year’s resolution – and for another one, worry less about phishing.

 Download it and use it to make sure your organization’s doing everything it can to rebuff attacks.

And it doesn’t hurt to ask for help. We offer solutions to back up your team. We can take some of the security drudgeries off their plate and free them up for business initiatives.

It also doesn’t hurt to schedule a confidential chat with us to explore whether we can help. Download our checklist, and then contact us to schedule a short meeting.

 Here’s the download:    2022 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS


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