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On-site problem during COVID-19? Todd Broadway has our clients covered

Remote Work Tales by ImageQuest

While nearly all our team is working from home, ImageQuest Field Tech Todd Broadway carefully continues to come into our office.

It’s not that he doesn’t support Work from Home. It’s just that his job is very hands-on.

Todd Broadway, field tech, ImageQuest

Whether there’s a coronavirus or not, machines will break down as parts wear out. Our clients will call into our Help Desk and discover their device needs a physical repair.  The Help Desk then refers the call to one of our Field Techs, such as Todd. And Todd will take care of the broken part.

If a client site has a scheduled migration for an upgrade, or someone needs a new laptop, our Field Techs handle that as well. It is a very hands-on job and requires an on-site presence to get things done.

Todd’s responsibilities include making sure new equipment our clients need gets set up per their specifications and shipped to them. And what we call “break/fix” calls also get handled by Todd.

Typically Todd’s interaction at a client site is to be let in and then acknowledged that he’s leaving. He usually goes straight to the equipment he needs to work on and makes repairs without needing guidance from the client.

“I was at a client’s site last week,” Todd said. “There were a few people still there, working diligently to try to get things squared away.

“I already knew where I was going. I didn’t need direction from them. I just needed someone to let me in the building,” Todd said. Once he finished the repair, “I let the gentleman know I was leaving, and he said ‘great, have a nice day.'”

As a result, Todd has been able to maintain the recommended social distance – and stay healthy.

“I feel great!” he said last week. “I had a physical Monday, and the doctor said you’re fit as a fiddle.”

Todd said he and the other Field Tech, Mark Adams, are “playing it by ear” for the foreseeable future. If a client needs new equipment or a repair, they’re ready to take care of it.

“We’ll just continue to do what we do and making sure that it all works the way it should.”