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Crumbled up Post-It notes with weak passwords written on them; a new strong password written on a fresh note.

Keep Your Business Secure with a Password Manager for Enterprise

By ImageQuest | June 2, 2023

As a business owner or executive, you know that keeping your company’s sensitive data secure is a top priority. However, with the growing number of cyber threats and the increasing complexity of managing passwords, it can be challenging to ensure that your business is fully protected. That’s where a password manager for enterprise comes in. […]

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A overhead view of a desk with a hand with a hand clicking on an image overlay of a search bar that says, ‘Vendor management.’

Need a Vendor Management System? Here’s What an IT Company Wants You to Know

By ImageQuest | May 2, 2023

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link?” In terms of cybersecurity, that means that even if your organization’s security and compliance measures are top-notch, you are vulnerable to cyberattacks if you have a vendor who doesn’t have the same diligence. An effective vendor management program can help you […]

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Two data analysts look at charts on computer screens while testing software.

How Vulnerability Testing Can Help You Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Threats

By ImageQuest | April 10, 2023

No one likes to think their business has weaknesses. But unfortunately, almost all businesses have weaknesses in their cybersecurity defenses. The problem is that most companies ignore the vulnerabilities entirely or do not even know they exist. That’s why partnering with a reputable IT company like ImageQuest is crucial so that we can conduct vulnerability […]

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A person in a black jacket and hood with the words “ethical hacking” printed over the image.

What Is Penetration Testing & Why Should You Care?

By ImageQuest | March 14, 2023

Does your CEO have administrative access to the entire network? Do your employees wear their ID badges when they leave for lunch? Is anyone with a maintenance badge given free-range to your facility? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business has a serious vulnerability risk that must be corrected. Otherwise, you […]

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A conceptual drawing of disaster recovery with a man holding a laptop and IT images coming off the screen.

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Disaster Recovery Plans And Why You Need One

By ImageQuest | February 16, 2023

Imagine you get to work one day, power up your computer, and begin working. As you grab a second cup of coffee, your screen freezes. You reboot your computer but get the same result. You call IT and learn there’s an outage with a key application you need to do your work. Now what? Unfortunately, […]

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A keyboard with a green key labeled “SD-WAN” that a finger is touching.

How the Benefits of SD-WAN Can Improve Business Operations

By ImageQuest | January 3, 2023

Does your business have multiple locations, remote workers, a call center, or just need reliable continuous operations? Are network ‘hiccups’ harmful to your business? Then it might be worthwhile to investigate the next generation of WAN, known as SD-WAN. SD-WAN is a solution for network outages. As work – software applications, customer accounts, and business […]

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Merry Christmas to Special Kids of Tennessee

By ImageQuest | December 20, 2022

Special Kids is a nursing and therapy center in Murfreesboro, Tn. They serve children who need extra help to reach their greatest potential in life. The children served by Special Kids may have feeding difficulties, may be medically fragile, and may be sensitive to certain stimuli, such as sounds, lights, or even changing activities or […]

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A graphic representation of all the aspects of a zero-trust network model.

Why It’s Necessary to Implement a Zero Trust Security Model for Your Business’s Network

By ImageQuest | December 12, 2022

With the rampant rise of cybercrime worldwide, you want to protect your organization’s data security. Not only is it necessary for compliance reasons, but it also helps to improve your customers’ trust in your company. You may believe you’re protected with a traditional cybersecurity model, but that cyber strategy has many gaps. To bridge those […]

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ImageQuest discusses cybersecurity in the Nashville Business Journal

By ImageQuest | November 23, 2022

“When tackling a complicated issue like cybersecurity, sometimes the hardest thing is knowing where to start.” We certainly get that! So we’re sharing a recent publication of Cybersecurity Advice by the Nashville Business Journal. It features our CEO, Milton Bartley, on a panel answering questions about cybersecurity from Nashville Business Journal Market President and Publisher […]

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A man works on a computer analyzing networks in a security operations center.

Why Should I Hire a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)?

By ImageQuest | November 11, 2022

If your business collects data from customers—whether it’s as simple as name and address or more complex as financial or personal health information—you need proper security measures to protect that data. With an increase in the number of cybersecurity regulations and the growing number of customers in your enterprise, it can be hard for small […]

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ImageQuest retains SOC 2 Type II attestation

By ImageQuest | July 11, 2022

We received our 2021 SOC 2 Type II attestation last week when the auditors sent us their report. SOC stands for System and Organization Controls. A SOC 2 report uses a framework developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to audit how an organization processes, secures, makes available, and keeps confidential information from […]

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What is a Vulnerability Management Program?

By ImageQuest | June 15, 2022

The recent Log4j exposure raises the question: Do you have a Vulnerability Management Program? A Vulnerability Management Program is a systematic approach to periodically assessing your data exposure. It involves a scan of what you have on your systems – equipment, devices, and software – and checks those assets against databases of known vulnerabilities. To […]

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Key questions for your Bank’s Vendor Management program

By ImageQuest | June 8, 2022

With everything on your plate, running a Vendor Management program for your Bank’s multiple vendors may seem overwhelming. Who do you call? What do you ask? An effective Vendor Management program will ascertain all vendors’ security postures. It will advise you whether you need to take extra steps to protect your data when using a […]

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Leading managed IT services provider ImageQuest celebrates 15 years in business

By ImageQuest | June 5, 2022

ImageQuest marks its 15th year in business this month, and how we started is not what we look like today! Today, ImageQuest is a leading provider of managed IT services, cybersecurity, and IT compliance services to regulated companies and their vendors. Our primary areas of focus include financial institutions, including trusts; medical software and services; […]

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How do we create a Cybersecurity Program?

By ImageQuest | June 1, 2022

Does the thought of creating a Cybersecurity Program for your bank seem overwhelming? Are you having trouble building a viable, documented program? A Cybersecurity Program should be part of your bank’s Risk Management efforts – as well as a critical element of your board’s fiduciary responsibilities.  A Cybersecurity Program should: Be Right-Sized for your Bank. […]

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a keyboard with a wooden hand rest

Benefits Of A Mechanical Keyboard

By ImageQuest | May 27, 2022

If you walk into an office and it’s relatively silent, despite an army of individuals typing away, you’ve probably stepped into a room full of membrane keyboards. While these are certainly cheaper to make and distribute, most IT people, including our cybersecurity service team, prefer the audio and tactile sensation of using an old-fashioned mechanical […]

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Hiring a vCISO – is it right for your bank?

By ImageQuest | May 24, 2022

Is your team stretched too far in meeting regulatory IT requirements? Are you concerned about your bank’s IT security posture? Are you having trouble assessing the security measures used by your vendors? Then you may need the services of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO.) This C-level executive typically drives policies and projects tied to […]

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Non-profit client thanks ImageQuest for support

By ImageQuest | May 23, 2022

Recently our CEO received an unsolicited letter from a non-profit we support. The New Beginnings Center- Nashville works with women who traditionally struggle to stay fit and provide healthy meals to their families, such as low-income moms living in food “deserts.” New Beginnings provides these women with individualized personal training, nutritional guidance, and mental health […]

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Why hire a Banking Operations Advisor?

By ImageQuest | May 17, 2022

The banking world is full of rapid change. From innovations in banking technologies to changing and increasing regulatory requirements, it can be difficult for a community bank team to keep pace. Needs arise that must be met – but your team lacks the time and focus to carry out more extensive projects. Or your bank […]

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ImageQuest’s Shutt and Ramsay attend KnowBe4 conference

By ImageQuest | April 26, 2022

ImageQuest’s Sammi Jo Shutt and Tracy Ramsay increased their expertise in security training, ongoing phishing tests, and other security training strategies by attending the annual KnowBe4 security education conference. Sammi Jo, ImageQuest’s Lead Information Security Advisor, and Tracy, who is also an Information Advisor, attended training sessions on security awareness, security culture, global cyberwar incidents, […]

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What Our Clients are Saying About Our IT Compliance Services

With a 90% client retention rate and a steady stream of referrals, we can see that our clients are happy to vouch for the quality of our IT compliance consulting.

"Since ImageQuest has been involved, we’ve grown almost $20 million in revenue. That’s pretty significant. We’ve gone from $60 million to $80 million with ImageQuest’s help. And along with that we needed our ability to step up, and ImageQuest has allowed us to do that."

Andy Barker
President, Houchens Insurance Group

"ImageQuest is not your typical vendor where they’re just looking to do the same scope of work. They want to hear your problems and really look for a solution, not just what they offer but what they might be able to help you with. They really treat you as a partner. They want to understand what your business goals are and help you get to those. You really are getting an advocate for you."

Alex Keltner
President, First Southern National Bank

"We're a big fan of what ImageQuest has done. ImageQuest is helping us in several areas – IT Compliance, IT Security, and Managed IT. It helps our staff and our attorneys be more efficient and productive while working remotely."

Charles Robert Bone
Spencer Fane

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