Retired FBI Agent Scott Augenbaum warns about email during talk in Louisville

Our friend Scott Augenbaum gave a great talk at today at the Louisville IT Symposium about cybersecurity and the relatively simple ways you can boost your protection against hackers.

Our CEO, Milton Bartley, serves with Scott on the Middle Tennessee chapter of Infragard. We featured an interview of Scott in our February 2018 newsletter.

In his remarks today, Scott said email is the number one area people should focus on to avoid being hacked. Follow the manta of “Think before you click” on a link or an attachment. If you weren’t expecting it, and it’s from somone you know, call them to confirm that they sent it.

Scott also recommended people use a more secure free personal email account such as Gmail over Yahoo, Hotmail or worse, AOL. (Yes we know there are people out there using AOL at home. Get out of that NOW.)

Another tip from Scott: Check your email rules to make sure there not one that forwards everything to another account – and that you didn’t put there. Finding rule you didn’t set means your account is being monitored by a crook who is trying to learn your writing style to swindle people in your name.

Scott and Milton are both great speakers on cybersecurity. If you missed Scott today, consider coming to hear Milton in Louisville next Thursday (Session Four.)

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