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Strengthen your cyber protection with our SOC-as-a-Service

If you’re unsure that your cybersecurity efforts are working, or you have an existing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) tool but it’s generating an overwhelming number of alerts, you should consider our SOC-as-a-Service offering.

ImageQuest provides Arctic Wolf’s Security Operations Center for clients needing the protection of continuous Managed Detection and Response on network systems, log documentation for IT Compliance Audits, and manageable alert assessments to support any organization that is looking for an added layer of protection.

This solution reduces the “noise” on your networks and gives you the alerts you need right away when a crook starts an attempt to compromise your systems. It provides high-level protection for a fraction of hiring an information security professional.

You pay a customizable fixed monthly subscription, making it easy to budget with no surprises.

Learn more by checking out our April Newsletter – or by contacting us for a chat!

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