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That new game on your phone? Make sure it’s not a bot

This is just a friendly reminder.
If you download games onto your phone, and especially if you’re playing on an Android phone, make sure you haven’t downloaded a bot.

BankerBots were a large problem in 2017, and Google made changes to its Play Store to strengthen security.

But as we adapt, so do the criminals. that bankerbots may be on the rise again.

That new “addictive” or “cute” little game you downloaded could be how they get you to allow them into your bank account and steal all of your money.

Your best bet to battle bots is to have a security program on your phone. Most reputable cybersecurity companies that provide desktop protection also offer mobile protection too.

Crooks know more of us are banking online. They want to capture your credentials through keystroke logging, and they also want to intercept those text messages you get for Multi-Factor Authentication.

So make sure your phone security app is from a well-known reputable vendor, up to date, and scanning your apps on a regular basis.