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The Big Pivot: Reviewing our space needs post pandemic

ImageQuest Social Distancing

Is your organization going through The Big Pivot?

That’s what we’ve been calling this new era of employees working from home due to COVID-19. Now restrictions are lifting.

We’re wondering: Who else is reassessing their 2020 plans in terms of staffing and square footage?

ImageQuest certainly is experiencing The Big Pivot. While we already knew almost our entire team could work from home – and did, successfully – now we’re moving into the second phase of the pivot.

(Note: If you would like to learn about the Work From Home technology we recommend, contact us for an invite to one of the free webinars we’re doing through June. We also discuss it in our latest White Paper, which you can download here at ‘The Big Pivot’.)

Before the pandemic, ImageQuest planned to expand at its location, to accommodate the additional staff we’ve hired. A former co-located company moved to new headquarters, and our CEO, Milton Bartley, had plans for their released warehouse space and offices.

After the second month of the lockdown, with reopening on the horizon, Milton surveyed the entire IQ team for preferences about working from home versus working in the office. To his surprise, 85 percent of the team said they wanted to continue to be able to work from home, with half of that seeking to work from home full time.

The rest of our team wants to work some days in the office, and some days at home. For those employees, ImageQuest is implementing a desk-scheduling system through Outlook. This allows our team to work in the office some days, and work from home other days.

We’ve also implemented a Social Distancing Policy that requires washing hands as soon as they come into our building, cleaning the workspace at the beginning and end of the day, and not leaving the building once here until departing for the day.

ImageQuest orders lunch in to reduce employee exposure.

We also have a mask policy – including having one for a client visit and following clients’ mask policies when at their locations. At our location we have a supply of masks available upon request.

And we are now reassessing our physical space needs – a pivot to the opposite of what we were thinking earlier this year. It is certainly interesting times!