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Milton Bartley Ransomware, Inc. presentation

The fictitious “Ransomware, Inc.” CEO returns to give another “Annual Shareholder” presentation

Our fictitious “Ransomware, Inc.” CEO is back – with his 2019 edition of an “Annual Shareholders Meeting” presentation.

This very popular presentation by the real-life CEO of ImageQuest, Milton Bartley, adopts the perspective of a presentation to investors in the fictitious malware company called “Ransomware, Inc.”

Milton’s lively and engaging presentation explains the origins and growth of this crippling malware, which returned to the news just last week when Baltimore discovered ransomware locking up its city computer systems. Ransomware creators continue to adapt their “product” to evade security measures – and hook victims through successful phishing schemes.

The presentation also includes “threats” to “Ransomware, Inc.’s” future growth.

This presentation will be given Thursday May 30, at 10:45 a.m. at the Data Connectors conference at the Louisville Marriott Downtown.

The event is free but you must register here.