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ImageQuest clients experience smooth transition to remote work during COVID-19

Houchens Insurance Group, testimonial, ImageQuest

To date, we have helped nearly 3,200 end users employed by our clients work remotely.

Monday was a big stress test for remote work technology systems – many, many more people logged on remotely than ever before. We did hear of brief outages – but Microsoft and other large technology providers quickly fixed them.

We think what we call Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) or virtual desktop – will prove its value during this historic time.

Already we’ve had emails from clients using our DaaS installations – and we can almost hear the relief in their voices.

“Thankfully we implemented the DaaS last year which is allowing us to have a portion of our teamwork remote to hopefully prevent contagion,” one client wrote.

Others have echoed Tom Richardson, the Director of Information Technology for Houchens Insurance Group.

“The new virtual desktop environment is working great,” Tom told our CEO, Milton Bartley, on Monday.

“Our employees have been able to transition to working from home seamlessly during the social distancing situation. We have received a lot of positive feedback and have quite a few working from home today.

“This situation would have been a nightmare if we hadn’t migrated to the virtual desktops. Thank you and your team for getting us here!!”

Desktop-as-a-Service does take some preparation and planning, especially if your organization works with protected information, including intellectual property, client and/or health information, and trade secrets. The DaaS pipeline between workers and data is more robust than a simple Virtual Private Network (VPN), software that encrypts transmissions between remote computers and endpoints.

Ultimately, DaaS allows teams to work seamlessly and securely anywhere – including at home. Your data remains in the cloud – protected against unauthorized downloads and transfers, just as if your team was working in the office.

The coronavirus pandemic looks to be a perfect testbed for Desktop-as-a-Service. And so far, our clients are telling us it’s working great for them.

If you would like to learn more about our virtual desktop service, contact Jay Mallory or Milton Bartley for information on how it could work for your organization.