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What Is Vulnerability Management?

Many organizations rely on a vulnerability scan, or they might even be regulated or audited in such a way that they’re asked to do regular vulnerability scans. Their regular scan might be quarterly, annually, or—if you’re really ambitious—they might be monthly. But none of that is really vulnerability management.

So, What Is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management takes that to the next level, and it puts a process in place to analyze those reports, not just put them in a filing cabinet or save them for the auditor. It determines a process to look at the holes or potential holes in your network, your systems, and your applications. And then, a vulnerability management program prioritizes those risks and creates a remediation strategy, so that we’re consistently looking at that and remediating and closing those gaps faster.

Why Do I Need to Remediate My Vulnerabilities?

The way the bad guys use those vulnerabilities against us today is that they’re using the same type of technology —they’re scanning networks—whether it’s your network or networks like your network. They’re finding those vulnerabilities, they’re aware of those vulnerabilities. And then they’re prioritizing on their side how they’re going to exploit that. So, it’s critical that we’re faster to respond and that remediation piece of that vulnerability management is a vital step.

Need Help Solidifying Your Vulnerability Management Process?

In today’s day and age, you need to have a vulnerability management process. If you aren’t constantly plugging the cybersecurity holes in your business, it will sink long before you even have time to send out an SOS. But we can help. Whether it’s misconfigured devices, missing multi-factor authentication, or some other security issues, we have the scanning software available to detect those vulnerabilities, which can help you prioritize them and get them patched before the bad guys find them. Schedule your consultation with us today.