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How Vulnerability Testing Can Help You Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Threats

No one likes to think their business has weaknesses. But unfortunately, almost all businesses have weaknesses in their cybersecurity defenses. The problem is that most companies ignore the vulnerabilities entirely or do not even know they exist. That’s why partnering with a reputable IT company like ImageQuest is crucial so that we can conduct vulnerability testing.

As cyber threats evolve and become more sophisticated, it takes constant monitoring and vigilance of your network to stay ahead of the threats. Vulnerability scanning allows us to check your systems for known security gaps and patch them before a cybercriminal can exploit them. It’s a requirement for some industries we serve, For others, it’s proactive to stay ahead of the cybercriminals. Get in touch with us today to start protecting your business.

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What Is Vulnerability Testing?

You know that protecting your organization’s sensitive data is extremely important. One way you can improve your data security and better protect your business is with vulnerability testing. Vulnerability testing is a systematic and comprehensive process identifying weaknesses in your system’s security controls.

A vulnerability test helps organizations to proactively identify and address security gaps in their systems before cybercriminals can exploit them. You must perform internal and external scans to identify potential vulnerabilities in your network, applications, or infrastructure. By doing so, you can promptly rectify these issues before they could cause unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

Understanding the Importance of Vulnerability Testing

Your business needs to conduct regular vulnerability tests to detect weaknesses in your system proactively. If left unchecked, hackers can easily exploit these gaps and steal valuable information from you, your employees, and your clients. Examples of security gaps include unpatched software, misconfigured devices, and lack of two-factor authentication.

If exposed by hackers, these weaknesses can lead to data breaches, financial loss, and reputational damage. You need to conduct regular vulnerability testing to understand your organization’s security posture and take proactive steps to address any issues. By staying one step ahead of the hackers and potential threats, your organization remains secure.

How to Develop a Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Program

Instead of taking a DIY approach and hoping you covered all of your network, systems, devices, and applications, it’s wise to partner with a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) such as ImageQuest  to help you  develop a comprehensive Vulnerability Management Program.  Here’s the best approach:

  1. Involve the right people: At least one C-level executive and your IT team should be involved in developing the program with your MSSP.
  2. Keep accurate inventory: The MSSP will help you create an accurate system inventory list and track all software versions used when setting up a program.
  3. Vulnerability scanning: Next, a special software designed to scan your systems will identify any security risks.
  4. Prioritize results: Once a list of weaknesses is developed, you’ll receive a report with prioritized patches and fixes for the vulnerabilities found in your system. You can’t do everything at once, so this prioritized list is important.
  5. Set up regular tests: After repairing weaknesses, you’ll need regular security tests set up to stay ahead of the hackers as they evolve their attacks.

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How Vulnerability Scanning Tools Work

The program used for vulnerability testing must be able to scan your entire network and provide comprehensive findings. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Arctic Wolf for their Managed Risk Solution. This program helps us define and discover our clients’ entire attack surface and all assets. We then assess their risk, and the program helps to classify and contextualize the risks with a score. Weaknesses with a higher score are a more significant threat.

A comprehensive security solution will cover all bases. Once any potential threats are identified, you’ll need to strengthen your defenses and prevent future attacks. An MSSP such as ImageQuest can provide services beyond identifying vulnerabilities – you can also get scans of the dark web for compromised corporate credentials to prevent account takeovers. Any Managed Risk software should involve constant 24x7x365 monitoring to ensure that new vulnerabilities are immediately detected and addressed. You should also have your organization’s websites scanned for potential weaknesses. These are measures an MSSP uses to keep your company’s security at its highest level.

The Difference Between Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing

A graphic showing the differences between vulnerability and penetration testing.

Both vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are crucial components of a comprehensive security program. And while they are similar, they serve different purposes.

Vulnerability scanning is a systematic approach that periodically assesses your system weaknesses. It typically involves a scan of your systems, equipment, devices, and software to check those assets against databases of known vulnerabilities. Penetration testing, on the other hand, is an ethical hacking simulation designed to identify weaknesses in your organization’s security posture by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in a controlled environment.

Vulnerability testing scans for potential weaknesses, whereas penetration tests reveal how hackers could exploit your organization’s weaknesses. Likewise, vulnerability testing looks for ALL known weaknesses, while penetration testing often focuses on exploiting applicable weaknesses. Pen tests are usually done about once per year, while vulnerability scanning should happen continuously.

Both methods are important to identify security gaps in your organization’s defenses but should be used in conjunction with one another as part of a broader security strategy.

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Protect your business from cyber threats today to safeguard your reputation, employees, and clients. Call us today to schedule comprehensive vulnerability testing. We’ll help you develop a proactive strategy for identifying and addressing potential security risks. Your business will remain secure, compliant, and resilient despite evolving cyber threats. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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