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We asked our team about themselves. It was worth it.

Imagequest one thing others don't know about you

On one of our daily check-in calls, a colleague asked each of us to share something the rest likely didn’t know about them.

The answers were fascinating.

  • One colleague is working in his spare time on a skateboard documentary.
  • One colleague loves to sing – and often sings to himself while walking.
  • Another colleague is a former Nashville backup singer (hey, we could start a band!)
  • Another is a former department store model.

But some of the answers showed toughness and the ability to survive.

  • One of our veterans survived multiple IED explosions.
  • Another colleague experienced homelessness briefly when she lost a job.
  • Another chose to reinvent himself after a prior career wore him down with long hours and too much travel.

The query was a great idea – and we all learned more about each other. We did this on a Friday call – and be advised, it did take a few minutes to hear from everyone on the call.

But it gave all of us great insights into our co-workers. That’s especially important right now when the coronavirus has upended everything and sharply curtailed our social interactions.

We all would do well to remember the voice on the phone – or the image in the video conference – has some experiences likely helpful to the rest of us.

We are grateful for the insight!