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We recommend layered IT security. Here’s why.

Modern technology blends the convenience of speedy information access – and huge risks of being hacked. To protect your networks and critical systems, you need multiple layers of different IT security measures.

Just as castle owners used multiple defensive measures to stop armed invaders centuries ago, modern technology today also requires multiple defensive tactics to stop determined and persistent hacking attempts.

Single-focus controls such as a firewall or anti-virus are only a starting point to protecting your critical networks and data. You need multiple security controls in a layered approach that ensures a gap or a weakness in a single control won’t necessarily lead to an exploit by the bad guys.

This layered security approach is the most effective way to shield your network and data from today’s most sophisticated threats.

Your firewall and anti-virus software now need to be joined by employee IT security training, Managed Detection and Response, a prompt systematic security patching program, multi-factor authentication, other user access controls, and planning.

You need to know in advance how your business will recover from a disaster – whether it’s natural or man-made. And if you are doing business as a regulated company or with a regulated company, you will need documentation that you have addressed these issues.

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