Welcome new client SentryHealth of Louisville!

Sentry Health, ImageQuest

SentryHealth is a Louisville-based company offering solutions for employers ranging from guided employee health programs to mobile chronic condition management and full-service worksite health clinics. SentryHealth also offers proprietary population health management technology called Healthward, which enables health care providers to deliver pro-active, consistent, and quality care.

Because it is in the health care field, SentryHealth needed strong IT security and IT compliance measures for the patient health records it maintains. That need led it to ImageQuest, which assisted SentryHealth in completing a regulatory Risk Assessment.

We provided additional cybersecurity and IT compliance services, which you can read about here (on p4.) The end result is that SentryHealth has appropriate documentation and quality security plans which meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

“ImageQuest and its team have been a wonderful partner for us,” said J. Kevin Porter, President & CEO of SentryHealth. “They bring expertise and experience to give us quality
products that we are confident to show our clients and regulatory auditors.”

If you are a cutting-edge organization working with Protected Health Information, like SentryHealth, or Personally Identifiable Information, we can help you meet regulatory requirements with your data systems. Contact us today to inquire about our regulatory Risk Assessment service.

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