What is a security-based Clean Desk Policy?

Kenny Gluck ImageQuest TipsDoes your organization have a “Clean Desk Policy”?

If this makes you think of a well-organized, clean, and tidy desk, we understand. But that’s not the definition I’m referencing. I am talking about a security policy that helps safeguard your workspace and secure sensitive, confidential information.

So what exactly is a “Clean Desk Policy”?

A “Clean Desk Policy” establishes guidelines and best practices for ensuring sensitive, critical information about employees, intellectual property, clients, and vendors is kept out of sight and locked. You can accomplish this physically as well as digitally.

We have some standard steps we recommend when helping our clients establish this type of security policy.

  • Lock your workstation when you are not in front of it.
  • Secure your portable device. Laptops and tablets can be physically locked to your desk with a detachable cable. Be sure to take your phone with you when you get up.
  • Place documents containing confidential or sensitive data in a secure disposal bin (usually for shredding).
  • Any time you use a printer or fax machine, remove the document immediately.
  • Lock documents and electronic media in your filing cabinet, desk, or office during extended absences and non-business hours.
  • Prohibit the use of removable media such as USB/Thumb drives, DVDs, CDs, or other removable storage devices.
  • Establish a password protected lock screen timeout for all workstations

These are just a few policies that we start with when helping our clients create a comprehensive security environment. If you would like help improving your organization’s security and compliance, contact us to learn more in a short, no-obligation initial conversation.

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